Unhappy in Paradise A review of Sandals Emerald Bay

We were really looking forward to a wonderful 6 days in a new remote location. I have to say that the beach and the location are magnificent. When we went to have our first meal, that's when we should of gotten a clue. It was so unpredictable that we did not know what to say. We are avid vacationners and love the Four Seasons. We were shocked that the food was cold, overcooked and then some. The second day we thought well it was just a one time thing. No, again very inconsistent. At this point we were struggling with what to do as we have never really had to say anything at any other property, everything is always wonderful. The food did not improve much but we did notice some new personel and they were trying their best to ensure that the food was at least hot and served as it should be. It was safe for a couple of meals then everything brokedown when we again tried to eat yet another meal and yet again the same inconsistencies. It seems that no one is accountable for any table. As for the resort it is truly very pretty, however there needs to be some serious upgrades to match any of the other resorts. Four Seasons have set high standard for themselves which we love and will gladly pay for however this resort does not even come close to earning it's namesake.

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Sandals Emerald Bay
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