Unexpected vs. expected expectations! A review of The Mark Addy


~The food was absolutely wonderful... Rafi's cooking is incredible, and a leisurely, well presented meal was exactly what we asked for. Top Notch.

~The drive to the location is beautifully pastoral and lovely.

~The common areas of the house were stunning, especially the dining room and the parlor.

~The new Innkeepers are very earnest about making the Inn a success.

~"Family" feel, and you DO feel like you're staying with relatives....

which was a plus and a minus, and this is why:

The weekend we were there the owners were running everything; and they really need a little more experience in "hosting." There really is a fine art to waiting tables, and every area of a house that is open to guests should look more like a business than a messy desk and den. Also disagreements should probably be in private; I felt a little uncomfortable (yet charmed by their openess!) by some conversations between the hosts.

Oh, I wish I could say my stay was everything I saw in the pictures and read about in reviews. As I peeked into other rooms, many indeed looked like the photos you see; ours (Tiger Lily) did not. While there was a brand-new flat screen TV in our room the carpet was downright disgustingly dingy, the bed hard and uncomfortable, and the furnishings were tatty. The bathroom was not "spotless" as you'd expect in a luxury inn (hairs in the jacuzzi tub - ick!), especially when a "housekeeping tip envelope" was prominently displayed. There seemed to be alot of money spent on things like the aforementioned TV and solar lights in the yard when probably paint, landscaping, updated veranda seating, and replacement of dead houseplants might have been a better aesthetic investment. It was also difficult to enjoy the porch as the smell of either active cigarettes or the urn full of butts was impossible to avoid.

Having given that feedback, I will probably visit the Mark Addy again, as although I was disappointed in our room and the stated issues, the Inn had such a nice "feel" to it during our rainy-day stay. I'll book another room and look forward to revising this review after the new owners have a chance to work their magic!

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