Underwhelming A review of Four Seasons Hotel Houston

I stayed at this hotel for one night, September 20, in room 401. I was looking forward to the Four Seasons experience in Houston, having been a guest at the New York, Seattle and Chicago properties in the past.

I was immediately struck by how dated and "brassy" the hotel lobby design looked. There was no sense of local character (is this just screaming modern "Texas"??? I doubt it...) There just wasn't any knock-em-out style as at other of this chain's properties.

My room was poolside, with a view to the hot tub and pool -- thank god there were no loud people frolicking out there, as it would have been quite noisy in my room. Lucky me!

Room 401 was no different, really, than any other nicer hotel. I am beginning to think I could walk in my sleep in many chain hotels and still know exactly where the desk, armoire, chair-in-corner-by-the-window and other furniture will be! And the window curtain was pulled off its track and was hanging listlessly -- no maid with even one eye should have missed that. I fixed it myself.

The soap and other appointments in the bathroom were L'Occitane (and the soap bar was nice and large, but wasteful in that it will be thrown out after one use). Nice but nothing special, really. Would have expected Molton Brown, Kielhl's or other higher end products. Towels were fluffy and did not have that awful burned smell so many hotel towels do, which was nice.

Room service meal was quite good -- shrimp cocktail and a bowl of French onion soup. Waiter was quite friendly and efficient. The menu selection was good but not if you are on Atkins or looking for something smaller. Why does every room service menu assume you are ready for a holiday feast when the best thing for late arriving biz travellers is a lighter fare?

Had breakfast in Quattro restaurant. I had a bagel and two poached eggs, but others had bigger meals -- it all looked very good. Mine was definitely fine.

Also attended a business lunch in a meeting room at the hotel and the food and service were VERY good. I would definitely recommend the hotel for a business meeting.

Biggest disappointment of all was when we were departing, they forgot to put my bag in the car along with the others from the cart. Not sure how they could have missed that (it was a bright blue carry-on)!!! Thank God I noticed en route to airport and we had to turn-around and go back to get it. Ugh. The desk clerk offered to pay for any taxi fare back to the hotel, but I did not feel that was ethical for me to accept since I had not been in a taxi -- nice gesture, though. Still, the damage had been done to my nerves if not my pocketbook.

All in all, hardly flawless and frankly, the Four Seasons company would do well not to have so much variation between its properties in terms of design and guest experience. I can't be bothered to wonder if one property will be so much better or worse than another. I will probably not return to this Four Seasons as an overnight guest (would do so for a business meeting, though), but would return to others in the chain without hesitation!

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