Unclean, Tired and Clueless A review of Sheraton Birmingham

Wow, I'm surprised at what a different experience these other folks had!

I arrived to find that despite the fact that we had called to say we wouldn't arrive until 1am, they had "no record of our reservation." After we dug out the Res Number, they explained that all rooms not checked in by midnight were automatically cancelled. When told the front desk person that we called and who we spoke to, the front desk just said, "oh well, I guess he didn't do anything." The walk to my room seemed designed to showcase how many different stains a carpet could hold.

It appears the hotel may have been built in stages. If you are in the atrium section, it will appear newer, however many rooms have a window that faces to an interior atrium but no window that faces outside. To me, it's like sleeping in a closet that has a window facing another closet.

You will be hard pressed to find any one to answer the telephone at this hotel, no matter what time of day or night you call. You will find 3 or 4 young men who hand valet parking perfectly, but only one person working the front desk.

If you get a package, you must get security to get it for you and that can take 40 minutes. Finally, I went back to my room and asked them to deliver it. When they did, the security guard knocked on my door and asked me to see some ID (I guess he thought someone had broken into my room and was pretending to be me).

Dining at the hotel proved to be the worst part of the experience. Because the hotel is unfortunately situated near a highway overpass and a convention center, there are only 2 options for food if you don't want to drive. One is a SUBWAY sandwich shop. It is always crowded and it can take 35 minutes to get a normal, no-frills, no cook sandwich. The other is the hotel eatery. I was shown to a table with a flilthy cloth placemat. I took it off the table and the server tried to put it back. I explained that I did not want to stare at all the meals others had shared with the placemat and that ended that.

I am from Manhattan and one happy byproduct of that is to think that everyplace I go is cheap. This is not true here. A steak dinner here costs $2 more than when I ate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse the following night. I am not kidding.

To get food that is warm at this hotel is to feel like you've hit the lottery.

Rubbing salt in the wounds of any stay here is that the entire staff will tell you at every opportunity: "We have our Sheraton Promise Help, would you like me to tell you about it?"

I replied: "Is that where you don't answer the phone, don't wash a table between guests, won't give a guest their packages, don't clean the carpets and inflate the only dining option available to guests unfortunate enough to be trapped at your hotel?"

Told you I was from Manhattan.

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