"Unbelievable!!!!" A review of Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort

I have been vacationing all over the world and never have I stayed at or even seen any place like this resort. My wife and 5 kids had the most incredible and relaxing time than any other vacation we have been on, and rate this resort by far A++. This resort had everything from a beautiful beach to a lazy river. There was an actual movie theater continually playing family movies throughout the day and a giant water slide that plunged you right into a lazy river. While traveling along the lazy river you were surprisingly refreshed by and occasional drenching caused by cone shaped buckets that when became top heavy tipped over onto un-expecting paddlers below. Our kids, ranging in age from 6 to 20, all had plenty of activities to keep them occupied. For the younger three there was also an indoor playground that put anything I have seen at Burger King or McDonald's to shame. For the older two there is a local Trolley that arrived about every hour to take them to the Mall or Ron Jon's for just a buc. All the theme parks were less than an hour away and there is a beautiful park right next door called Jetty Park that offers great fishing stories. Our stay at Cape Caribe ended with the most incredible view of something our family has never seen before; an "Atlas" rocket launch at night, a "must see". Wanna give your family a vacation to remember? Check it out!! WOW!!!!

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