Ugh!!! Don't Stay Here Ever: Just Implode The Place!!! A review of Holiday Inn Ocean City

This Holiday Inn needs major renovation. The exterior has been recently painted. As you enter the lobby, it's as if you have entered a bowling alley. The smell is the same. The indoor pool is awful. It appears there is mold on the floor. It's in the back in a furnace like room, just disgusting. The elevators are slow and creaky. The lights on the buttons don't work well. I had to keep hitting the down button before it lit up. We went on short notice so we took a chance. What a mistake. What is really irritating is that the rate is the same as the new Holiday Inn on 17th Street. The AAA website rates it three diamonds which is the same as the new one on 17th Street. They need to downgrade it to 1.5 at most. This one does take AAA where the new one doesn't so it's 10% less. Should be 50% less. The outdoor pool is tolerable at best, but small. The room was clean, so if you want just a $250 room and everything else horrible, it's ok. Well, the bathroom was not actually very clean. It had mold around the tile and floor caulking. There was rust on the drop ceiling supports. There was a sprinkler in the bathroom that was crud covered. Also, the toilet ran and the shower water would go from ice cold to scalding hot. Sounds like 30 year old plumbing to me. You had to keep adjusting the water temperature plus the water pressure was low. You can use the facilities (pool, etc) at the new one on 17th St. You just have to ask the person at the front desk for a card to show the people at the 17th location. So that's what we did. This place needs to be torn down and a new one built in it's place or major renovations and they should lower the rates and the rating. Also, when we checked out we couldn't find a luggage carrier. The bellboy wouldn't give us one, said there weren't any available. He had one, but wouldn't let us borrow it. We carried our own bags. There's mostly college kids working here, no real adults. Don't stay here, just don't. I would have added photos but they are over 2MB.

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