Two words.........NEVER AGAIN!!! A review of Hyatt Regency Columbus

I travel alot for conventions and this had to be the WORST hotel I have EVER stayed in.

Upon pulling up to the front door, you can get run over because of a HUGE concrete petition filled with flowers. There were alot of people screaming and yelling trying to find a space to pull in to drop off their passengers.

Going into the hotel, it is very nice. Lots of comfy chairs and nice couches to sit on. I was suppose to arrive on Sunday night but got bumped up to go on Monday afternoon and I called the hotel and changed the day of my arrival 72 hours before I arrived. When I got there, they tried to charge me for the night that I "didn't show up" Upon a heated conversation and this woman giving me a look like "God why am I in this job?" she took it off my bill.

I was given Room 912, which is a corner room. Ever try to spend a night in a triangle? The room was done up in 80's colors (black, grey, and tan) The bed was as hard as a rock. The pillows could not even be described as pillows only they were good when they were first bought for the hotel.

The TV reception was fuzzy and every time you used the remote, it made a strange clicking sound. In the bathroom, there was no tub. You had to step down into the shower. The really sad part was the shower. There was more water pressure in the sink than there was in the shower and even though I ran the water, it never really came out hot.

My advice to you, if you are going for the convention center, this might be great for you; but if you are on vacation.....go to the Crowne Plaza across the street. It might be a little bit more expensive, but at least the room will be nice.

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