Two Singificant Issues A review of Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel

My wife and I stayed at the Sheraton Chapel Hill for my college reunion in April 2005. As has been noted in previous reviews, the rooms are a bit small and the beds are quite comfortable. However, what I take away from my stay here will be the memory of two significant issues that would make me want to stay somewhere else upon my next visit. Firstly, noises from the hallway are easily heard and can be annoying. When neighbors close their doors, you can really hear it, even when they exercise care to shut the door quietly. Not a pleasant thing in the middle of the night. Hall conversations conducted can be plainly heard - even ones where people talk in muted tones. I was unpleasantly surprised at the high level of noise conductivity from the hall. The other issue is that the hotel hot water system can barely keep up with demand in the morning. With the hot water on full and the cold water off, the shower three days out of four was just barely warm enough. I would not call it a hot shower. Quiet and ample hot water are two major measures of merit that I look for in a hotel, and the Sheraton Chapel Hill did not quite measure up. That said, the room was clean and the staff was helpful. We did not eat in the hotel restaurant so I cannot comment on that.

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