Turned Out OK But.....Beware A review of St Mary Lodge, Cabins and Motel

The hotel complex is certainly large. The pictures on the web have been doctored to make the place look different from what it does. What ever you do, do not let them put you up in the "West" lodge. It is a separate complex on the west side of the road from the main lodge. We checked in and were given our key. We were tired and looking forward to a nice shower and a rest. I tried and tried to open the hotel room and had no luck. I went back across the road and spoke with the front desk about this. They got another key and said to try it because the locks sometimes stick. I compared the first key to the second key and they looked totally different. We went back to the room and got in this time. The room was very small, musty smelling, and overall a disapointment. The tile in the shower was moldy and a big piece of plaster was missing from the bathroom wall. The door to the bathroom would not close all the way. The door to the hotel room had large cracks around it showing a huge amount of light. There was no deadbolt or deadbolt type device on the door. The metal piece that is normally on the door frame (that the lock interfaces with) was completely gone. This room was not fit to be stayed in (especially for $100/night). At this point my wife got on the phone and read the hotel manager the riot act. They moved us to the "East" lodge. Everything that was wrong with the first room was just fine with the replacement room. We tried dining at their hotel. It is fine if you like ok food, small portions, and high prices. The Park Cafe one block away has their act together with great food, desserts, and good prices. The hotel made things alright but.....should never have tried to pawn off the other room in the first place.

The guest has switched the lodge names. The original unit that is described as "not worth $100" is the East Lodge. The East lodge is a basic motel with minimal amenities. The units are not available for pre-selling. Guests staying in these units are encouraged to look at the East Lodge rooms prior to booking. The West Lodge unit the guest was upgraded to is a nicer, and more up to date motel. This is not a defensive response for the East Lodge, but I do want customers to be aware of which motel has the finer amenities.

Paul Ludlow

Rooms Division Manager

St Mary MT

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