Truly Ritz A review of The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland

My husband and I life in Akron, OH, and last Friday we were celebrating our friend's birthday in the Century Restaurant, downtown Cleveland. A good opportunity to finally stay at the Ritz-Carlton. We arrived in the afternoon to check in and EVERYBODY greeted us by name! I felt like we knew each other forever! The room was very nice and crisp, just like we expect it from a hotel like that. Before we left for the dinner we decided to get a massage and relax in the pool area (they have sauna AND steam room). We felt so good after that, that we didn't want to leave. But the evening in their restaurant was unforgettable! I've never had such excellent food (Sushi and "Fish-Inspiration") before and the service was prompt and very courteous. Then we moved to the Lobby Lounge for a last drink - there was live entertainment and a cosy fire-place. Again the service was very genuine and personalized. Even the night was unbelievable - I don't know what they do with their beds, but they are AMAZING! Everyone was smiling and when we checked out we were asked if we enjoyed our stay and if there was anything else they could do for us. I told the gentlemen that we had a short but awesome experience with them and that we definitely would come back. He escorted us to the front door where our car was already waiting for us with our luggage in it! The doorman (of course with white gloves and hat) gave us a fond farewell and thanked us for staying with the Ritz-Carlton. We felt very special and talked about their great service on our way home. Their credo "... to instill well-being and enliven one's senses" made us feel like home away from home and created an unforgettable memory for us. From now on we'll always be "Puttin' on the Ritz" - it's worth it! Mary & Steve

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