Truly heaven on earth A review of Kamalame Cay

Kamalamay Cay is a glorious private island where you can truly relax and enjoy the soft breezes, swaying palms, and the ocean just a few footsteps from your house. The beautiful rooms are open to the fresh island air and greenery. At Kamalama Cay you are pampered beyond belief and feel as if you are in a private, comforting world all your own. The staff are friendly and always helpful; the food heavenly, and the island music will have you on your feet and dancing the night away! There are no cars, no tv's, no radios...and you won't miss them. If there's anything you absolutely must have, such as a newspaper, the staff at Kamalame Cay will see that it is there for you every day. It is a wonderful, quiet, soothing place with the ocean at your doorstep and your needs courteously and quietly looked after. I would recommend Kamalame Cay to absolutely everyone!

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Kamalame Cay
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