True Getaway from Noise/Hustle & Bustle A review of Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort

We stayed there in an OWB #5 for almost 10 days - we spent New Year's here. December is in the midst of the rainy season but was it sooo wonderful. Few short, heavy rain spurts -- otherwise, sunny, sunny, and hoooottt!!

First, arriving in the Tikehau airport. Like another person stated, it really is a little makeshift hut with an abundance of mosquitoes (so wear your repellent), esp after it rains. We were greeted & leid by the hotel's concierge, bags labeled, and placed in the truck. Then we all gathered in either the van (more mosquitoes) or a safari looking truck and driven to the dock were we boarded the hotel's boat (this is the only way to this hotel since it is on a motu). Abt a 5-10 min ride (we had to stop partway because of the rain and help the driver put canvases down so we all wouldn't get drenched .. gawd was it fun!).

Second, the hotel. I have to tell you, we've been to the FP several times and this is the first visit outside Society Islands. This hotel is so remote. No noise except for the blowing of the conch shell, boat's motor, and the water! The hotel was prestine. Our room perfect. Since we didn't have ac - we just had all the windows opened up at night. No pesky mosquitoes here because of the ocean breeze -- gawd how nice/relaxing.

Third, there really is not much to do on the hotel (snorkeling, diving, kayaking, ping pong, billiards, etc..)The food was great. The hotel staff was awesome! My fiancee got a splinter and a hotel staff member went to her home (most live on the motu) w/i 2 minutes got me the tools I needed to aid him! They do have a little boutiqe. The bar is where we hung out the most for after swimming snacks: eating hamburgers, fries, virgin coladas, etc .. we also ate on the main island at one of the side restaurants .. again had the fries for snack --(the fries & hamburgers are always so tasty anywhere in the S.Pacific .. must be the oil??)

Okay, I can go on and on .. but what made this trip a little more personal was that upon our departure, we received suprise gifts from the hotel (it was actually from the concierge/boutique manager). I am not sure why (perhaps we frequented the boutiqe alot). Either way ... this is truly a great getaway from the hustle & bustle!

Only downside: it is expensive and island grocery store opens at 2PM (so buy your water bottles, snacks,, oh and the NY eve festivities .. well it goes with the lifestyle ... pretty slow.

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