'Tripe Soup' for breakfast? A review of Hotel Pyramida

The hotel was quite impressive from the outside, reception was smart as was check in. The rooms were clean and adequate maybe a bit on the small size but ok. It was breakfast the next morning that was the real shocker. I have stayed in several Eastern European hotels in the last two years and I have never ever seen such a poor buffet breakfast. There was egg and bacon but only for certain guests, and that was guarded by two large managers, the same went for the real orange juice but that only had one guard! As in the title there was tripe soup one day, dodgy looking goulash another, with dry stale bread rolls, weak coffee and orange juice of such a garish colour that to drink it was a risk I wan't prepared to take. There was the usual cheese and cooked meats, yogurt and cornflakes but even these looked a little sad. As for the waitresses, well McDonalds would have their work cut out to make them smile. Sadly for the in house 'Restaurant Kopernik' the breakfast scared away all the hotel guests and it was almost empty, but the food there was excellent, service friendly, and very reasonably priced. From talking to other tourists I would say that there are better and cheaper hotels all arround Prague, next time we'll be giving them a try.

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