Tried to charge me an extra day A review of Marseilles Hotel

Where do I start?

1. The hallway to our room smelt a bit like urine.

2. The television had a very bad reception.

3. We had to ask 4 times to get a hairdryer.

4. The pool section needs rapid updating, all the other hotels seem to have really nice pools with a bar area, not this one.

5. They tried charging me for an extra days stay.

I had a travel voucher that started on 16th October for 7 nights, but on the 22nd I returned to my room to find that the key was not working, I went down to reception to ask why and they said I was supposed to arrive on the 13th and as I didn't the voucher was now only valid for 6 days as they were putting the 13th down as a no-show. The voucher blatantly had me arriving on the 16th though and after much heated debate they finally wiped the extra nights stay off my bill, but not before they made me do some ringing around, which they should have done.

The thing that grated me was the fact that they could have told me about this when I first arrived but they deceided to let me know on the last night. This is a great problem with the hotel - BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, they are all miserable faced.

The room wasn't too bad though and is in a good location, would I stay there again? NO

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