Top price for average quality A review of Double Eagle Resort and Spa

The owners of the Double Eagle are portraying an upscale image in their advertising (and charge prices accordingly) but the cabins and service simply aren't there.

Cabins are clean but small with knotty pine all around, cheap furniture, and tacky eagle-themed lithos. When we first walked in, my impression was that this could be any hotel cabin in the Sierras.

Bathrooms are very basic with cheap fixtures and narrow showers. The whole resort has a tired mining theme with wagon wheels and rusted ore carts. It feels like a poorly executed Thunder Mountain from Disneyland.

Service is typical of Sierra hotels/motels - friendly but apathetic people. Cleaning staff spent 3 minutes changing towels and emptying trash - then they were gone. The tackle shop was never open during the hours they posted and the office staff didn't bother to remedy the problem.

Spa is weird - there's no entrance from the locker room to the pool or deck. So you have to go traipsing through the lobby to get around. Poorly planned. Staff were friendly but again disinterested. View from the pool is incredible. But overall, not a great spa.

Food at the restaurant is fine but overpriced and generally salty.

The resort setting is spectacular - Horseshoe Falls and Carson Peak loom directly above.

I'd stay here again, but only if they cut their prices by half. Otherwise, I'm heading to another June Lake hotel to get the same experience for half the price.

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