Top Notch A review of Pullman Resort Bunker Bay

Interesting to read the older reviews of this place as they are totally at odds with what we found.

Staff first of all. Absolutely top drawer. A couple of the restaurant staff in particular could not be faulted. Sure, the style is NOT formal but more of the "Aussie Familiar" but this is a beach place after all, however swish, and that is totally appropriate.

Food was superb. Choices are limited but very good. The blue cheese and pear pizza is a must. Drinks are EXPENSIVE. Good quality for sure but AU$13 for a glass of local bubbly is a bit steep.

Not all rooms have ocean views. Gardens are excellent. Bathrooms are to die for. Pool area is sensational but water is cold. As is the ocean this far south.

There are easily availabe discounts that make this place excellent value for money. Forget the rackrate.

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