Top Notch Hotel ! A review of Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport

We had the pleasure of spending an evening at the Toronto Airport Sandman Hotel. We have to admit before arriving there we were skeptical of the place, since we never heard of them before and the name alone isn't what you'd expect in such a classy hotel such as this one. However we were pleasantly surprised from the moment we stepped into the lobby....a very fresh, clean and tastefully designed theme lured us in.

We were greeted by wonderful people at the front desk, and exceptionally helpful, there seemed to be an issue with our online booking and they handled it quickly while we had some complimentary coffee.

The rooms are fresh, with very tasteful design and color schemes, very calm and relaxed atmosphere. The notch and vent fans! Yes that seems to be lacking in so many of the hotel washooms nowadays.

There was some new construction/renovations taking place, but had no affect on our enjoyable stay there...we wouldn't hesitate staying there again; we highly reccomend this hotel hands down!

In our eyes, definately a 5 star hotel... keep it up Sandman!

Steve & Rachel

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Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport
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