Too far out A review of Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya St Petersburg

this hotel is so far out in its own little island-it is impossible to get around.Tip number one---book a hotel that is on mainlain--you can see the st petersburg map-All bridges go up for the trade ships and it makes it impossible to get to airport-if you have an early morning flt---i happen to ck online and did see the times -i belibe bridges up 4am to 6am--not sure ck on this--the point being-we had to go to airport at 330am to avoid the bridges and we had a 6am flt--airport closed so you have to wait outside on sidewalk---anyway---location of this hotel not good---view is great all water around you--They have a free shuttle bus to town-to flea market-but was always full--we finally got on one morning and was told it wasnt for our tour grp---it was a fee you paid in the tour to use the hotel bus--we fought witht he manager-as they didnt have a problem with us spending money at the bar/restaurants-we were the youngest grp at the time--30/40 s age grp.

most of the guest didnt dine there.Bowling alley/suana---OUTRAGEOUS prices--100usd for 15min suana---20usd for a bowling game--Overall as a hotel clean/nice view/good price--but too inconvienent not worth it-by the way-no pay fones in st petes at all-anywhere-so dont buy a fone card-cant use it--you must call from hotel- use front desk fone not room fone.

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