Too expensive A review of Holiday Inn Corpus Christi - Emerald Beach

This place was way too expensive for the quality. The rooms were definately dated and the windows were dirty (we brought our own lysol wipes because even at the nicest hotels you never know whos working!!!!) I felt safe and the grounds were clean, which was pretty important to me. The jet ski rentals, trampoline and the beach right there was definately a plus. We didnt really interact with the staff much but be careful getting directions from the front desk, make sure to only follow them if the person seems confident. The indoor pool was nice (beware of the chlorine smell, it is strong), the play area with ping pong, pool and tunnels was great for family atmosphere. Not too far away from attractions, we went to the Padre Island National Seashore which was beautiful and exactly what I remembered the beach being like as a child. The hotel is in the bay and you see buildings far off in the distance and I remembered looking hard to see nothing as a kid so I was glad that Padre Island was not too far away so my children could see "the ocean". I would stay here again I just hope that they remodel soon, Just update the windows and bathrooms!!

It seemed like one of the best looking hotels ON the beach. Some of the others were a little shady looking. Only go with ones that have really good reviews.

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Holiday Inn Corpus Christi - Emerald Beach
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