Too expensive for what you get and you get somethings you shouldn't A review of Hampton Inn & Suites

I've waited to write a review so I could think about my stay at the Hampton. Partly because the rviews all seem to speak so highly of the hotel. I do have to say, the property is pretty and done well. It's location was behind the hotel row, which is what we were trying to get away from. The bad aftertaste merited our response,

It is located in what seemed to be a business commercial area. When we checked in it seems fine. Yet, at night i just didn't feel safe. Alot of seedy people were just hanging around the area. I asked the people up front if the place was safe. They said it was. Another couple staying there said they were asked for hand-outs three times that night. Stacy's husband pointed out we were only a rocks throw from an adult bookstore. Within ten minutes of returning from dinner, we too were asked us to pay for gas for one man and right after that another woman said she needed to get a locksmith because her kids locked her keys in the car at the restraunt across the road. My husband offered to help try to open her door and, you already guessed it. She said no thanks, I just need the money.

As for our room it was fine, But honestly, well over a hundred dollars for one night to sleep. Too expensive for what you get. We actually got a cheaper price using a travel agent than what we got when we called the hotel. Why is that? You know that they have to pay the agents. I was told it's somewhere like 10-20%. I don't know why nice and clean should cost an arm and a leg. We'll look elsewhere.

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