To insure a good stay........stay somewhere else A review of Embassy Suites St. Paul - Downtown

Don't waste your time staying here. Look at the other postings and see if you see a pattern. It's consistently inconsistent. Do you want to risk your stay on something you can't be sure of?

I stayed 9 nights during the World Cup of Hockey (Thurs 9/2 - Sat 9/11). I stayed on the Executive Floor and made the mistake of pre-paying, going through the Embassy Suites website. I had to switch rooms becuse the A/C didn't work. Prior to switching rooms their solution was to put two fans in the room. Not until I complained did they offer to have me swicth.

The second room had food on the walls of the microwave (from a previous hotel guest) for 5 days. The weekend manager and housekeeping were informed but not until the manger of the property was informed did anyone clean it (Tues 9/7). The vents had dust that would lead you to believe they had been in someone's attic. (And I have pictures of both the microwave and the vents to support my claim)

The made to order breakfast does not exist on the weekends because they are "too busy". You only get what they want to cook. And it's cold! Until I complained, housekeeping wasn't able to get to my room until 4:30 pm. The weekend manager was notified immediately but did nothing. When I finally did get to talk with the actual manager (not the weekend manager), all he did was have housekeeping clean the microwave and get to our room before 4:30. He never even checked back with me to see if everything was okay, if their were any other problems....This was even after he assured me he would speak with his GM to see what could be done.

Once home, I contacted Embassy Suites cust service (Jay Rainer) who told me that, by policy, he had to contact the hotel and that the hotel property would contact me within three days. Three days came and went, no contact. I contacted Cust Service again and was told that Chris, the Asst GM had said that he called me. Later that same day, Chris called me to say that cust service had it wrong; he didn't call me - he EMAILED me. (That typifies the type of service you will, or won't get, at this property.)

He offered 1 free nights stay that according to Chris was worth $150. When I told him that his offer was an insult, that I put with poor service for better than 5 days, that I thought a compromise of three nights would suffice, and proposed he contact his Corp Office in California, he devolped an attitude and said I could deal with Roscoe Lawson (GM).

Rather than wait, I contacted the California office that owns this property. Miss Lott was very pleasant. She listened to me go through everything, she read the text notes of my complaint and was surprised at how I had been treated. She put me on hold, spoke with someone and came back and said that Roscoe would contact me later after he got out of his meeting and that a certificate for three nights stay would be given.

As Miss Lott said, Roscoe called me. But Roscoe said that he and corporate felt that a 2 day certificate, worth $400 was very fair. (Did you catch how a one night stay was $150 but a two night stay is worth $400?) Amongst other conversations he and I had, he told me that if I would have booked directly with the hotel, things would have been different. I pointed out that I tried, talked with Trish who was extremely helpful (surprise - she doesn't work there anymore!) but she couldn't match the rate I had on the Embassy Suite website. Roscoe told me I should have called back and asked for the Ass't GM or GM to have them match the offer.

I would strongly urge anyone looking to stay in the St Paul area to stay at the Radisson, the St. Paul, the Holiday Inn or the Best Western. Basically anywhere but the Embassy Suites. And while I know that this property does not reflect Embassy Suites elsewhere, this one just doesn't care about the customer.

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