Three Day Business Meeting in this rotten & humid place A review of Sheraton Annapolis Hotel

We recently ran a rather large (60 attendee) meeting at the Sheraton Barcelo in late May. While the interior common areas and meeting rooms are clean and attractive; room service and banquet food was just okay (how do you mess up a crab cake sandwich in Annapolis?); the banquet helpers, maids and engineer (more on him in #1) were helpful, I was not pleased with the property on a number of levels.

1) Air conditioning did not efficiently cool and was horribly loud, turning off and on all night long. Meeting rooms and sleeping rooms too warm - AC didn't remove any humidity from the air. Engineering came to test A/C unit twice, claimed it was working (I had it on full!). I had to beg for a fan for my sleeping room. The hotel engineer took pity and found a fan for my 4-day stay. (Props to the engineer for his customer service.)

2) Cleanliness: Hair in my tub; hair around the corners in my bathroom (luckily I'm tolerant and just washed them down the drain); inconsistent cleaning of room - one day they didn't replenish my towels (with the humidity there was NO way my towels would have dried); complimentary toilitries, even glassware. Had to call down to get glasses for water at bathroom sink. Two, out of a total of five, light bulbs were out in my room upon check-in. Including the main light when entering the room.

A number of chairs in the meeting rooms appeared to have had a milk-shake substance spilled on them recently. They were obviously stained and kinda smelled. When brought to the attention of the banquet manager she mentioned a large group of children had been in the night before for a banquet and they must have spilled it. My point is - CHECK THE ROOM before turning it over to the next client.

3) Customer Service: Management was horrible. High turnover (two sales managers have since come and gone since we contracted in 12/03). Banquet manager changed my setup without discussing it with me; said "she thought it would look better" then had the nerve to argue with me about it. When I asked if she was the best person to be assigned to our group for three days she told me to cut her some slack as her father was very ill. Real professional. When I spoke with my Conference Services Manager (who had been also argumentative since setting up the details before we even arrived); she shrugged it off.

Upon checking out I was told I could not have a late checkout (mind you I was asking for one hour past the norm). I asked if the hotel had full occupancy for that night - No. I asked why, after spending $15k at the hotel they couldn't give me one hour - that's just policy. I had had it and told them I'd be back at my requested time and they'll have to work around it. Boy, did that feel good! :)

Suffice to say, our meeting went okay - but it added a ton of stress to myself and others that were working it.

To top it off, I recently emailed (twice) the Conference Services Manager (mind you we hadn't paid the full bill yet) to request additional paperwork that was missing from our master invoice. When I did not hear back from her two emails and one voicemail, I finally reached her in person. Her answer? "IT'S NOT MY JOB."

Gee, as if I was even considering to take my business back to this hotel that last comment blew it out of the water!

I have a very hard time recommending this hotel to business or pleasure travellers. You'd be better off saving your $189 a night and staying at a bed and breakfast (Annapolis is known for them), the Loews or the Marriott (btw, those places were booked otherwise we would have gone there).

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