Threadbare but blean and safe A review of Manhattan Broadway Hotel

For under $100 a night in Manhattan, the Broadway Manhattan hotel is about what you would expect. The rooms are small and the furnishings come from surplus outlets, but the rooms are generally clean and I didn't see any bugs. (OK, maybe one, but hardly an infestation as others have described.)

If you're booked in the Manhattan Broadway and you've been reading the horrible reviews from other folks who have visited it, you may now calm down. If you're not expecting the Pierre for ridiculously small amounts of money (relative to other Manhattan hotels), you'll be delighted with the bargain and the hotel's great location (right on a subway line and just south of Times Square -- it really makes those cross-town trips easy).

Pay attention to the details like the checkout time and don't make many demands of the staff (we did ask for an extra blanket, and received it within a few minutes) and all should go well. Enjoy the city!

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