Thoroughly Enjoyed the Hotel Monaco A review of Monaco Alexandria, a Kimpton Hotel

Stayed two nights at the Hotel Monaco Alexandria, February 1 - 3, 2008. Paid $135 per night plux tax. Overall, our experience was excellent and we would definitely stay there again.

Arrived Friday night at 9pm and checked in immediately with no problems. Lobby is not large but is very nice and well-decorated in the way that only hip, boutique hotels can be. It sounds crazy, but the teal green walls, black and white furniture, and purple rugs work together very well. And of course the purple velvet suits worn by all the employees complement the color scheme nicely.

Our room was on a high floor and away from the elevator, as requested. Rooms are around 400 SF and feel spacious. The rooms also have the hip feel to them - brown carpet and grey walls, star-shaped mirror, etc. In fact, this is one of those few times that the picture of the room on the hotel website looks exactly like the actual room. There is no difference whatsoever between what's shown on the web and what you get.

Bathroom was particularly spacious and impressive. Marble everywhere and Kohler fixtures. Plenty of towels and a very nice hair dryer which my girlfriend appreciated.

Other ways the hotel stepped up:

- They provided us with a handheld steamer at no charge so that I could get the wrinkles out of one of my suits. When I called downstairs they delivered the steamer within about 10 minutes.

- When we got back from the bar about 2am on Saturday night, we thought the restaurant would still be open (it had just closed). The shuttle driver drove us to a late-night food spot about 15 minutes away, no questions asked.


- Yes, the hotel is in the heart of Old Town, but it's far from the Metro stop. Luckily, they'll give you a shuttle ride to and back for free.

- When my friend checked in at 6pm on Saturday, they still didn't have his room ready. Took another 30 minutes for it to be prepared.

- Service at the hotel bar/restaurant was poor. The atmosphere was great, but the service was lacking. Took us forever to get drinks and they were still wrong.

Overall though, this is a great hotel. Would highly recommend it to anyone needing a hotel in Old Town, especially since it's only been open a couple weeks. I'm sure that once some of the kinks are worked out, issues like we had with rooms being ready late and bad service at the bar will be taken care of.

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