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We just made a trip to this place, and let me assure's amazing. I actually found the bad reviews on here before we left, and I called the hotel to ask what was going on. They reassured me that all of the rennovations were complete (which they are) and that everything's really new (which it is). There's this lovely dark wood was so nice and polished. I would HIGHLY recommend eating in the Rosemeade Dining Room as well...the food is excellent, the prices are reasonable (in the 20s CAD for gourmet, very very nice entrees...), and the service at dinner was impeccable. The service during breakfast was a little slower, but still very friendly and very nice. You can take a tour through the kitchen if you want....we were going to, but we were so full and sleepy after dinner that we ended up retiring to bed instead.

The gardens are lovely...and we went there mid-March, so not everything's in bloom yet. There were a couple of corners that seem like they need a little more work, but it's early spring...the gardens are going to be lovely very soon. The hut with the thatch roof's roof looked like it'd seen better days, but it seems like they turned the inside into some sort of meeting room...had lights on and everything, looked fine inside.

I dunno...I very much get the impression that these people know the reputation that precedes them, and they're working very hard to earn a good name. Even though my boyfriend and I are not getting married anytime soon, I would definately consider the place for a wedding (he would too, for that matter). The place is not in downtown, but it is worth the drive (only about 5 minutes from downtown)...and it is definately a place for a romantic, relaxing getaway. Not the place if you have to be in the middle of everything though....but we enjoyed the wonderful staff and service, and the peace and quiet.

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