This place is a Renaissance?????? A review of Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel

First of all this is supposed to be a Renaissance, 4 star, place. This place feels more like dingy Holiday Inn built in the 1970s. Peach carpet and light brown wallcoverings were well worn and in need of replacement decades ago. Chandeliers were ala 1970's smoked globes. This hotel was not shy about charging for every little service despite it's obvous shortcomings, ie local calls $22 daily parking.

After arriving late in the evening I waited for several minutes at the front desk only to be told unapologeticly that my room was not available and to retire to the bar, where the watered down drinks were at least gratis. Then I was approched with a key card to my room with no offer of baggage assistance. I entered this room to find several coleman coolers suitcases and various items of clothing littering the extremely unkempt room which appeared to have occupied five or more people. After some complaining I was given an un occupied room, which was comfortable but dated in appearance especially the bathub that did not drain. The beds were quite comfortable though.

Overall not deserving of being a "Renaissance" brand hotel but rather Days Inn would be more suiting. I am genuinely surprized that Mariott would bestow this title on such an inferior property.

The rate for the property was no bargain either with $159 for a Saturday night 'special rate'. Westin and Hyatt ,MUCH superior properties, both offered $99 rates for the date but were sold out.


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