This Jewel Needs Polishing! A review of Cliff House Inn on the Ocean

The Cliff House Inn calls itself the Jewel of the Sea, but that's about the last thing I would call it.

We'd specifically requested Room #1 that is shown on their website at We ended up in Room #1, but it's not the same one that is shown. There were huge banana tree leaves covering the window which blocked the view. The electric fireplace had exposed wiring and we wouldn't dare have attempted to light it. The closet smelled so badly of mold that we were unable to hang our clothes in there; instead we had to make do with what dresser space there was and the hook on the back on the bathroom door!

We requested an ice bucket and were told they didn't have one to give us! Please!

The beach is not as accessible as they would like for you to believe, and the "heated" pool was heated to all of 72*. If you don't mind swimming with seagulls, jump on in!

Their only saving grace was the food at their restaurant was good.

In summary, their website is highly misleading and contains several inaccuracies. And don't overlook the fact that there are no photos of the Inn. It's that way for a reason.

There are many other much nicer places to stay in the SB/Ventura area. I would choose any of them over the Cliff House Dive!

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