This is the Worst Hotel Ever! A review of Microtel Pigeon Forge Emert St

I would like to explain just how poorly the Microtel Inn is being run in Pigeon Forge, TN at 202 Emert Street...We were traveling from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after a week long vacation. We had made plans to stay in Pigeon Forge on Saturday night, June 21st, 2003 at the Microtel Inn. We have had reservations made since April of 2003. We had requested 3 rooms in close proximity due to having small children in our family group, this makes their care more convenient. Upon our arrival at approximately 3:45 p.m.(well after the 3:00 check in time), we waited for our turn to check in. There were to be 3 separate payments for the 3 separate rooms. I was checking in for my family, my Father was checking in for himself and my Mother and my sister was checking in for her family. There were 3 different confirmation numbers for each reservation. There was only one clerk (Amy) waiting on several irritated people in the lobby. During this time Amy continued to answer the phone, take reservations and check on the cleaning staff. We began our turn to check into our rooms, she took all 3 of our separate credit cards and began scanning them for payment. She had to scan them several times and was getting irritated with the credit card machine. Amy then told us that one of our rooms was still dirty and was being cleaned. She then gave my Father and Sister their keys for them rooms and told me she would check and see how long my room would take. She left the counter for several minutes and left a lobby full of aggravated travelers behind us. When she returned, she gave me my keys and said, "I gave your room to someone else I guess, so you will have to stay on the second floor. I was understandably annoyed, but accepted this, this was almost 45 minutes after arriving at Microtel Inn. I admit, I was annoyed at having to stand and wait 45 minutes for reservations that were confirmed in April! So, I asked to speak with her manager. She refused. I asked again. She proceeded to walk to the cubicle behind where she had been working all this time and said "This lady is being mean to me and wants to talk to you." Her manager had been there this entire time with at least 20 people backed up in the lobby hiding and offering absolutely no help. Amy returned and said, "she is busy and cant talk to you." I said, in a raised voice, "I dont really care if she is busy, her customers want her out here to talk to her!" Again, Amy refused. I then told Amy, "you know what? Fine. Just give us our money back and we are leaving!" This is a ridiculous excuse for running a hotel and there are too many hotels in Pigeon Forge to be subjected to this aggravation!" Amys response was "We dont give refunds." I was shocked and extremely irritated! After going back and forth with Amy about speaking to her manager or giving our money back, the illusive manager finally emerged. She screamed and pointed her finger in my face and said, "First of all, you dont raise your voice to her and you need to go to your room and if you dont want to go, then I will just call the police!" I was absolutely shocked. My sister then picked up with the argument and after witnessing all of this was understandably extremely upset also. There was no talking to this manager, we later found out that her name was Sharon Jarvis. She just kept telling us to go to our rooms or she was going to call the police. I had had all I could take, I took my keys and walked out of the lobby. I took my keys to room 210 and went to check it out. I walked into a non-smoking room and smelled cigarettes immediately. There was dirt on the carpet and the sink was dirty. There was a big black tar foot print on the window seat. It was dirty and my children were not staying in this filth. We took all 3 sets of the keys back to the lobby and told them we were leaving. We left and went down the street to a real hotel and checked in to a clean room without any problems in about 5 minutes. We have contacted the Microtel "contact us" department and the Tennessee Better Business Bureau. We travel a lot and know that this is a completely unacceptable way to run a hotel. We do not believe we should be charged for Microtels incompetence and lack of integrity and for a room that we NEVER OCCUPIED! We upheld our part of the agreement where they completely failed their part. We believe we should be reimbursed for our $65.33. We will NEVER stay at the Pigeon Forge Microtel ever. We suggest no one else does either! On our way out, I know we spoke to at least 10 other people who were having problems ranging from their suitcases being gone through to their rooms being filthy dirty. This hotel is horrible! This was such a terrible experience, we thought for sure we were on Candid Camera, but unfortuntely, it was real!

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