This is NOT a four star hotel!!! A review of Pan Pacific Seattle

Aside from the pictures posted by the hotel which are grossly misrepresented, our experience from the very beginning was highly disappointing. We were told at the front desk that internet was free. Well it wasn't. My girlfriend asked for an iron to be brought up to the room in which a brown liquid oozed out onto her shirt and completely ruined it! We called the front desk and the response we got was "well should I get another iron sent up to your room?". My girlfriend had to keep her coat on the entire evening out on the town!! Coffee was provided in the room - there is a fridge - but we were provided with Coffee Mate.

Hmmmmm..... How Motel 6 of them. Oh, and plactic cups were the topper.. I'm sorry, I'm not against slumming it, but paying close to $300 a night for THAT. No thanks. Not ever again. Oh and Valet is about $30. I feel ripped off.

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