This hotel is the real deal - more Bali than any of the other ones we've seen A review of Melia Bali Indonesia

The hotel was unbelievable (with a meaningful pause before the "un" and "believable"). I have never in my life been in a place that's that so well decorated, so open and spacious and so serene. Calling it "green" would be an insult to the thousands of plants off all shapes and sizes that are tastefully sprauling everywhere. The lighting, the sounds, the manicured vegetation, the calligraphic writing in the sand that changes every day, the "GONG" sound and traditional balinese dancers greeting guests as they arrive all create an experience like no other. The staff is putting a lot of effort into maintaining a feel of serenity. The architectural concept of "the wall" is challenged by more traditional Balinese architecture - do you think they should put walls in paradise?

Too many hotels are overusing the "royalty" concept but laying in an outdoor gazebo (it looks like a guargantuan 4-post bed with curtains) does make you feel like a 14-th century sultan. Taking a stroll through the pool area makes you feel like you're a little child from paradise on a trip to (the paradise's version of) the disneyland.

The breakfast and the various dining event are exotic feasts! You will get more variety of food from all over the world than you can possibly consume in several days. We did not really get the breakfast balinese dishes and the best meals by far were the fresh grilled fish . It makes me hungry even thinking about it. For all 1st-time travelers to east asia - see my notes below for ordering fish. My wife and I were suckers for the dinner and performance shows that the hotel organizes - we actually had a great time though I must say we did crave a younger, more outgoing crowd that you don't really see in Nusa Dua - you have to go to Kuta for that!

For the negative - the enormous and exquisite pool out there compensates for the beach which is too shallow to swim in most of the time (tide). My wife stepped on a sea-urchin in there which hurt like hell (there shall be no sea urchins in paradise!) It took the manager too many days to get us a different room even though we complained about mildewy smell on the very first day and they definitely not treated that innocent request with proper attention.

A note to first-time travellers. When ordering the cab from the hotel ask for a city taxi ahead of time, they tend to overcharge you for hotel taxi. When ordering fish insist on watching them weigh the fresh fish before they fry it - prices are by the kilogram or 100 gr. and not by the dish. Don't be cheap about diving/snorkeling guides - sometimes they can't explain to you why more expensive is better but it just is. This is for all of Bali, not just Melia.

And stay away from the coconut milk - nothing special. Fish wrapped in banana leaves - that's another story!

Last note about Melia - do the massage! Feel free to stroll around and go to restauarants / events in other neighboring hotels. They seem however to all be more mainstream and more expensive copies of what melia bali is with a lot less of the authentic "close to nature" feel.

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