This Grand Lady is showing her age..... A review of Crowne Plaza Danbury

I've been traveling to Danbury/Brookfield area of Ct for several years and generally stay at this Sheraton. She's really starting to show her age. The elevators sometimes don't take off right away, I had to push my floor button more than once. Also the elevators sometimes have a mind of their own and take you all the way to the top floor, back to the lobby and then finally to your floor. The doors never open so there isn't anyone on the other floors waiting for it.

In the rooms. Someone decided that rounded bottom tubs is a good idea. Wrong!! They aren't flat and standing on that sloped/curved surface is tricky at best and really quite dangerous. The tub faucet leaked with a steady stream, not drip. One of my bedside lampshades was falling apart. The sleigh bed headboard and footboard were loose and every time I rolled over in bed, the headboard would bang against the wall.

In all fairness, there is a sign saying she's under renovation. But the only area I saw getting renovated was the bar area. So I don't know if renovations will include the entire hotel or just common areas.

I'll try Marriott or Holiday Inn next time I go.

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