Think twice about the Alex Johnson Hotel A review of The Hotel Alex Johnson, an Ascend Collection hotel

My girlfriend and I went to the Alex Johnson Hotel and it was my girlfriend that recommended the Alex Johnson Hotel since she was a repeat customer. Well we were very disappointed. My girlfriend had not stayed at the Alex Johnson Hotel in 4 years and she noticed that it has gone down hill. When we arrived to the Alex Johnson after a 14 hour trip we were not greeted by anyone and we had to bring in our own luggage. When asked for the bell person we were told that they had other errors to do and they went to the baseball field. We finally got to our room and I was very disappointed with the suite. It was old and not very clean at all. We went down stairs for diner and that was bad. I order a fish that was recommended to me by the waitress. The salad was not fresh and the bread that was given to us was stale, and the fish was bad. The taste was very bad and you can tell that the fish was not fresh. We went back to our suite and next door to our suite was a indoor football team called the Red Dogs. These people were having a party in the hall way and making all kinds of noise. We reported this to the front desk and they took care of it. Same problem the next night and the Red Dogs knew that we were the people that complained and they made more noise and again we called the front desk and they did take care of the problem. We did not feel confortable so we requested that they change our suite and they did. This suite was a little bit better but again it was not very clean. The parking was bad, we had to park down the street and we did not feel confortable walking down there since there was many street people and one of them approach us and asked us for money. The best, that week they had bikers come to the hotel and there was bikers everywhere. I will not stay here again and my girlfriend will take the Alex Johnson off the her list. One thing I most say is the staff was very nice and they did try to make us happy, but the way the hotel has gone down hill and the people that they rent there rooms to are not the choice of people that I would like to be around. They hotel is very old and needs to have many repairs done to it. One more thing, when we finally left the hotel again we did not have help with our luggage after we requested help many times. We had to put our own luggage in the car. Glad that we were not there anymore. We went to Spearfish Canyon Resort and that was wonderful and a very class act place.

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The Hotel Alex Johnson, an Ascend Collection hotel
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