They tried to take money from us A review of Adolphus Hotel

My husband and I went to the Adulphus to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. We were staying in the Jr. Suite (which was no suite in our opinion!), and dinned at The French Room.

Our experience was completed once our bill was presented to us, we handed our debit/Credit Card, and soon found out from the waiter it was not being accepted. We were shocked! So we called the CC company while at the table. We found that the French Room was trying to charge us $407.00 for the meal which had only come to $292.00, and because of this unusual activity our cc co. had placed a freeze on our account So we immediately talked to our waiter and told him he needed to re-submit the card through the machine and only charge us the proper price for the meal. This was of coarse accepted, and we went to the front desk to complain. Apparently an hour after we LEFT the resturant, then attempted the $407.00 AGAIN. They tried for $75.00, and litterally 5 seconds later for $288.00 None of these amounts and actions have been properly explained to us. Instead we were told the $75.00 and the $288.00 were both made by an automated system check. When our paper work from the bank shows, these amounts were actually "keyed" in manually. This proves that someone working there had written down our number, and that the Adolphus is taking NO resposibility for this illegal action.

What is importent for everyone to know, is that the Adolphus has faxed us in writting, they ALWAYS automaticaly charge 40% extra on the ticket!

We are so upset about their lack of concerned with this, we have contacted many news stations about this. On Monday Nov. 25th I spoke with the manager, and he told me this has happened twice in the past 2 weeks, and he has been dealing with this "human" error. If you have had this problem and if you are willing to be interviewed by the news stations, please let us know.

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