They Steal Chocolate A review of Floris Ustel Midi

Hotel Ustel appeared, at first glance, to be decent ONLY if you did not pay attention to the war zone that surrounds the hotel. To get to the main entrance, we had to trek through yards upon yards of mud and had to stare at construction equipment and trash. Once we checked in we found ourselves in decent rooms and found that the hotel staff was satisfactory. Our last night we decided to go for a late dinner in the square. Before leaving, I took a look through my bag of chocolates to see which one I would like to have after dinner. When my group returned from our dinner two hours later, we were confronted with an unbelievable and horrifying situation. As I went into my chocolate bag, I discovered that a bag that had once contained a chocolate and a half was now empty. Just then, my friend asked me to help her to figure out the nozzle in the shower. At this moment I told her about my missing chocolates and asked her if she knew anything about them. She got a horrified look on her face only to tell me that the toilet seat was up as if a man had used it since we had been gone. At this moment, two friends of mine who were on the first floor (we were on the second) knocked on the door only to tell us that some of their chocolate had been taken while we had gone out. We went to speak to the man working at the front who was extremely defensive and offered not much comfort. Either he did it (because he knew that we had left as he called us taxis) or someone broke into our room--both are horrible situations and I would NOT recommend this hotel. We ended up moving rooms because we felt so uncomfortable, especially after the man at the front suggested that someone had climbed through our windows, but we barely slept. The man at the front gave us his name, however really was adament about us not speaking with the manager because we would "cause [him] troubles." Very suspicious. Please do yourself a favor and do not stay at this hotel...unless, that is, you do not care about your precious Belgian chocolates!

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