They fail with a Capital "F" A review of Hilton Meadowlands

It was my first trip to the NY area. I was in town for a conference at Jacob Javits. My first issue occurred at check-in, where the hotel attendant commented that since I was getting the room at such a discounted rate ($50/night), I shouldn't find anything to complain about. The second issue occurred when I requested a non-smoking room, but was still assigned to a carpeted ashtray. The attendant said I could either leave my room for one hour in order for them to fumigate it, or I could wait until the next day when I would be out of the room anyway. I chose the latter. However, when I came back to the hotel later that night, the problem still hadn't been corrected. They brought a little machine to the room and I opted to go to the bar for a drink.

The final straw was on my last night. At the arena next door to the hotel, there was a rap concert. Many of the "roadies" were in the circular driveway telling patrons of the hotel that they had to get out of the way. When I went inside the hotel to complain about the idiots out front posing as hotel staff trying to clear the driveway, the female staff attendant (who seemed frustrated by the guys, too) apologized and said the hotel security was managing the situation. But the hotel security consisted of one guy with a walkie-talkie and a flashlight.

I pointed to the Sheraton's promise to accommodate their guests and asked if I could have ONE drink coupon. She very curtly said no and advised me to have a nice evening.

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