These people ripped us off... A review of Baymont Inn & Suites Galveston

This hotel is very nice. We stayed overnight for the Labor day holiday and although we thought the price was a little high it is a brand new property and everybody was taken care of.

The problem we had was that after we left, they charged me an extra hundred dollars on my cc. I called them and Ash, the manager I guess, informed me that there was a bed comforter missing. I was rather shocked and asked him if he had any proof that we had taken it. He said no but that we were responsible for anything missing from the room.

Now whether or not you beleive me, I absolutely positively remember those bed comforters. My 9 year old was with us and she used them to sleep on the floor with. If fact we had two rooms and she originally was going to sleep in the other room with her grandparents but ended up back in our room dragging said bed comforters behind her.

I and my wife even remember the next morning asking her to pick them up because they were in the way. We packed up and left sans comforters.

So I don't know about you but I will NEVER stay at one of these hotels again.

If you do, my advice is beware...

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