There's better places to stay than here A review of Crowne Plaza St. Louis - Clayton Hotel

I grew up in this part of St. Louis; however, when I come back to visit, I often find I need a hotel (if there is no room at friends or family's homes. I usual stay at the Sheraton, around the coner, and once I was at the Clayton on The Park, also a block from here. They are both very expensive so I thought I'd give this one a try since it was a little less so.

I had always known this one as the Radisson and knew my aunt sometimes stayed here. I had never heard her complain about it so, I thought I'd give it a try, since I know her to be a very picky woman. Well, she must not have ever stayed in the older section, or maybe she just didn't say how awful it is. My guess though is she knew what to ask for. I assumed it would all be the same based on the photos I saw on the web. I booked my room directly with the hotel to get the best price I found on the web. Avoid it if you can. Ask for a Tower room.

What I found really dissapointed me. The rooms are in the process of being redone in the entire hotel. I checked out a few other floors in both the old section and the tower. I'd say mine, Room 616, which is in the older section, is half way there.

The bar and restaurant were so smoky on Friday night, I couldn't go in to meet a friend for a drink. We could barely meet there on Saturday mid-afternoon either because the smoke stench was still all around us.

The doors all need replacing as do the windows, the carpet, the curtains, and the wallpaper. If there had been a fire, there would not have been a way to rescue us as the window is sealed shut. Well almost sealed shut. Ours opened 1/2 inch on one corner, even though they have handles to open them. On the other corner, it looks like the wall is damaged there, possibly from having had the window left open when it was raining or snowing.

The sheer curtain needs repairing as its bottm seem has come undone and I tripped on it while pulling the chair out of the corner to move closer to the table so my daughter and I could work on her homework together.

The cold water on/off handle on our the bathroom sink was broken. They did get that tightened up, but now it's in an awkward position. The showhead couldn't get all the water after pulling up on the bath to shower lever so the pressure is weak.

The phone by the bed wasn't plugged into the wall and I can't do it myself. I called thefront desk but go no offer to have someone sent up to do it for me.

I checked out the pool and gym Saturday morning. The pool/hot tub were working but very low on water and not clean, and there were no towels (I had to call twice for towels). Also, there was no where to change into my suit after working out at the gym (which is on the opposite side of the hotel and also has no changing room) !?! The gym equipment is also old and not all of it is working. The TVs in the gym only get CNN and one has no volume

We went to a show on Saturday night at the University. When we came out, it was cold and raining so we got chilled to the bone. We thought we would turn the heat on in our room to warm up. BIG MISTAKE. The heater smelled like something was burning. I immeditely turned it off and called the front desk. The clerk said, "It's a problem every Fall; it's only dust that will burn off and then it will be fine." I said, "It isn't fine and the smell is chocking us. It smells like paper on fire, not dust. You can see it in the grates of the heater." He said nothing. I asked, "Is there is a way to open the window to get a cross breeze to clear the room", knowing there wasn't, and he said, "No, the windows are sealed shut". I asked, "How would we be rescued then if there is a fire?" He said nothing. I said, "The smoke and smell is enough to trip the fire alarm so what can they do to clear out my room? Bring up an exhaust fan?" He said all they had was some spray to make the room smell better." I already had the door open to the hall but the stench in the hall was just as bad and there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom either to draw out the stink. I said this was not acceptable. He apologized and said he would move me, but the hotel was booked solidly due to a wedding and a business convention. He did not offer to do anything more. I said I will need to speak to the manager in the morning. He said he understood and hung up, no good, bye, no I'm sorry, just hung up! And to think I choose to stay here because I heard the staff was more friendly and it had been remodeled. I should have stay at the Sheraton City Center (which was less expensive and much more attractive than this hotel).

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