There'a a fine line between antiquity and run-down! A review of The Bethel Inn Resort

We attended a November 2004 wedding at the inn, expecting an experience worthy of the "inn & country club" distinction. What a disappointment!

Our "select" room was in fact in a separate building and immediately inside the front door -- which was opened and closed constantly by other guests of this building. The decor was shabby and the carpet stained, reminiscent of a seedy motel. Worst of all, the pillows on the bed were full of hair as if they hadn't been changed and the sheets were dingy. Yuck!

To his credit, the front desk manager moved us to an "upgraded" room in the inn which was cleaner and had a sitting room, although it was in need of a fresh coat of paint and some updated furniture. This is a "charming inn wanna-be" and in it's heyday I'm sure it was fabulous, but the management needs to do some major renovations if they want return visitors.

I must add that the wedding was beautiful and the food very good.

The Bethel Inn condos were another story -- large, modern, clean and well-decorated. If we decide to return, we'll opt for those instead.

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The Bethel Inn Resort
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