The Worst Westin in the U.S. A review of The Westin Columbus

I booked a one-night stay in a rush because I had a very early morning meeting in downtown Columbus, and wanted to be near the building. I made the worst mistake ever...assuming that just because it was a downtown Westin, that it would meet my needs. I've been a Starwood / Westin Premier member for 20 years, and this is the worst hotel, nevermind Westin, I've ever stayed in.

When I arrived, there were sufficient bellman and valet attendants. The lobby looked nice and historic. It was downhill from there. I changed rooms twice, until I ran out of patience and time.

EVERYTHING is wrong with this hotel:

Old, dirty, moldy, and dusty. Black dust an inch thick on the radiotor (don't come near this place if you have allergies).

Extremely dark rooms - couldn't see a thing - most rooms faced an inner courtyard so there's no natural light.

Narrow, winding hallways.

Small rooms - room service didn't have anywhere to set my tray down, except on the dirty radiator - yummy.

Old, rusty plumbing.

Scuffed woodwork and ripped wallpaper.

The second room they put me in did not have a security deadbolt - it looked like it had been ripped right out of the wall. I was so tired at that point, that I just moved a heavy chair in front of my door.

Room service food looked and tasted like reheated TV dinner.

I couldn't wait to get up in the morning and get the heck out of dodge. As a female traveler, I didn't feel safe or heatlhy there. The staff was smart enough to fully refund my room charge, but I still had to pay for parking and a terrible dinner.

Whoever thought that this building would be a good fit with the Westin brand, should be fired...AND made to stay at this hotel!

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