The Worst week of my life A review of Hotel Moscow (Moskva)

Myself and my girlfriend stayed in the Hotel Moskva during our holiday to St Petersburg, Russia. We found the staff in the Hotel Moskva to be the rudest we ever encountered. The airconditioning was out of order in the room and when we enquired we were told to use the fan. This was useless because it didnt cool the room - it just pushed the hot air around. We tried to keep the windows open but the noise from the huge motorway just outside the hotel was horrendous and we couldn't sleep. The hotel seemed to be inhabitated by nothing but dodgy characters and the security staff acted like they would draw a gun and shoot you if you looked at them sideways. On our first night the girl in the restaurant gave me a diet coke so I politely told her it was a regular coke I wanted but she refused to exchange it. My confidence in the hotel was shaken so I decided to do something I had never done before - I decided to check the fire escape route and what do you know, after walking down around 5 flights of stairs, the door at the bottom was locked - talk about a disaster waiting to happen. I found a glass door on the first floor we could break to escape if the worst happened. The breakfast buffet was so bad we couldn't eat it at all (nobody else seemed to either) and I got food poisioning from a chicken kiev in their restaurant and had to be brought to hospital by ambulance (thank you Euromed Clinic - wonderful people). I could tell from the reaction of the good doctors in the Euromed that I was not their first customer referred by the Hotel Moskva. They even mentioned it on the letter they wrote to my doctor in Ireland. As a result of my illness I was barely able to stand up and my girlfriend asked the security officers to help us put our bags into the storage area (which was down steps with no lift) and they told her to get lost very rudely in broken Russian and really frightened her). There's loads more but I dont have the time. We wrote to the Hotel Management around 5 months ago but have not received a reply. Our trip to St Petersburg was ruined by this hotel. Other than that Russia is an amazing place but book the best hotel you can find - its money well spent. I would recommend the Sheraton Palace or the Marriot in Moscow - wonderful hotels.

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