The worse check in I have ever seen!! A review of Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conference Center

We had our visit on the 6th of March..We made many calls to the hotel it's self before we decided to go because I have children of all ages (20 to 2) We asked numerous questions then we decided to reserve two rooms (as only 5 can stay in each room) We were told we could come at 11 and start check in and then go swim in the cove..We get there around 11 and were told that one of our rooms were canceled..We were more upset because we were told on the phone that our charge card would be charged at the time we reserved the rooms...(the lady that was helping us was getting annoyed at us) But she told us after about half hour that we could go swim while we were waiting on our rooms to be cleaned and she told us we would have adjoining rooms near the pool (so we thought that was worth the wait as that's what we wanted) We waited till about 1 then went up to the desk (same lady) said not ready yet.....So not to annoy the lady any further we called at 2 and were told over the phone that the rooms were ready so we go out to our cars and bring everything in (because we were starving we were really excited) We wait in the long checkin line (mind you others were getting rooms right from walk in) To find out our rooms were not ready so we go in the holidome and find some tables and sit and eat our lunch (then they start setting up for birthday parties and we are in the way) remember there are 10 of us (4 adults and 6 kids)..So at 3:30 we go up to the desk and CRISOM (AWESOME JOB BY THE WAY) was the person helping us told us our rooms were ready and showed us where they were (far from the pool) WE told him we had wanted close to the pool and adjoining rooms he said let me see and Wouldn't you know he got us the TWO most perfect rooms (not adjoining but close to the pool) ....(wished we would of went to him FIRST) Kids did have an awesome time was fun...they enjoyed the water park and the game room...Then came the check out....SAME lady...gave my mother a hard time and was going to charge us more.....I agree with pack light....and plan to wait....(although many lucky people got their rooms before us) We were told it didn't matter if you reserved your room or not you would have the same wait...We didn't receive a card to fill out about our comments...but I do think others should know this happened..

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