The "Valentine Package" rated most unpleasent A review of The Elms Hotel and Spa

My husband and I thought it would be a romantic get away to visit the Elm's for Valentines Day. However, it was quite the oppisite. The room was tiney. My husband and I felt as if we were in a room you would expect in a cruise ship. And I won't forget to mention not clean. I saw hairs in the miniture refridgerator! The complintory gift basket consisted of four chocolate dipped strawberries on a plate covered in seran wrap, two frosted flutes, and a bottle of cheap sparkling wine.

This was brought in by two high school students. Later that night we joined the rest of the " Valentiners ", for dinner. The menu consited of a four coarse meal that was pre-chosen. The hors'devores was a stale small peice of bread with chicken meat wiz on it. The salad was ok, but the dinner was cold. I forgot to mention they only served water. While we sat I witnessed three tables around us who just left and did not finsh eating their meal. We were then invited to dancing. I felt unsafe and we escaped back up to our cubby room after witnessing a fight. We decided to later go to the bar for a couple of drinks which was the most pleasent experience of our stay. However, we witnessed nude people in the hot tub outside. This is were we I was disgusted by a naked man crawling out of the tub, he then laid in the snow, and went back into the tub. The next morning we went into the dinning room for our braekfast that was included in our " package ", and the food was again, cold and very bland. Once we checked out we received our bill and they charged us seventy-five cents per local call. This was the point I had decided to speak my mind. When I caled the front desk I was told that regaurdless of what the menu on the phone said, I would have read about the charges for local calls in the directory. Driving home my husband and I concluded, we could have requested a room, bought the most expensive items on the menu for dinner and breakfast and still would have saved money compared to the " Valentine package ". I would not suggest ever visiting this place nor will we ever return. We are a young married couple. I can't believe we actually spent $400 for one night's stay in a tiny, dirty room with two cold meals. What a rip-off!

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