The stay at Terrace Inn @ Carlsbad A review of Beach Terrace Inn

Hi I am 15 going on 16 years of age and my family and I have been going

to the Best Western Terrace Inn @ Carlsbad for the last 3 years this

year will be our fourth, each year it seems to get better and better,

there is so many things for so many people to like all surrounding this

hotel in Walking distance, Like for my grandparents that went with us

the last year they love all the little Nic~Nac shops along the streets

of Carlsbad wich was at tops a mile away from the Hotel, and for my

brothers and I we have plenty of things to do surf, body~board, Check

out Chicks (My personal favorite) and believe me there are alot of hot

lookn girls down there, I could go on and on about how much this place

kicks ***, but i will be up typing for another hour lol, so I reccomend

going here it is defanately the best affordable place in town and if

you are a person who doesnt like to sociallize or are just plain lazy

the rooms are awesome so you can stay in there all day and watch T.V.

lol, Well I am gettn ready for my trip there for this year I leave

tommorow night Sept 4th, This time My Grandma & Grandpa are going , My

Aunt and her 2 boys ( my cousins) and My family, Mom my 2 Bros, and my

little sister and I, So i gotta pack yet I am so excited I cant wait.

Well for my conclusion is if you are looking for a great vacation in

Cali right on the beach with an excellent view (very descriptive tonite

lol) I really recomend Best Western's Beach Terrace Inn

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