The Smell of Mildew Can Knock You off Your Feet A review of Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel

I personally think that management is writing some of the reviews for this hotel. I would be complaining a lot more than I am now if I had paid more than the $64 plus tax rate that I obtained on priceline. This hotel caters to business travelers, there were no children. I do not have any, so this was not a problem. The room absolutely reaked of mildew. Do not put the air conditioning unit on fan, because this will further exacerbate the problem. The gym was not impressive. There was not a soul at the pool (we stayed mid week in August). The pool was a little run down. The inside of the hotel itself looks like a NYC office building. The bed was comfortable and the room was tastefully decorated. The bathroom was beginning to show its age. Also, the carpet was damp my entire stay. THe biggest plus about this hotel is the customer service. Whenever I walked past an employee, he or she always greeted me. The front desk staff are wonderful. I silently sneezed a few hundreds feet away and I heard a "god bless you." But, given the option, I would not book a room at this hotel again, even for the rate that I paid. I would recommend the breakers to anyone staying in the area. Please email me with any questions.

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