The Savery may be Downtown, But it's no uptown Hotel. A review of Renaissance Savery Hotel

My Fiance;Janelle,had planned this great escape for the two of us on Valentines weekend. She booked a Suite with a Jacuzzi (in room)and all the possible comforts of a fine Hotel.

On Febuary, 15th when she went early to pick up the key, she learned that there would be no Jacuzzi in the room. Not happy about the mix up she took the room anyway.

NOW JUST A LITTLE BACK GROUND BEFORE THIS EVENING WAS TO START. At 10:00 AM on the 15th of February I recieved a Valenstine Day Present and a long stemed white rose every 15 minutes untill I recieved the last present at an All Staff Meeting. The last was given to me by the Director of our agency. It was a Key to room 1042 at the Savery Hotel.

The first problem I encountered was when I tried to use the phone, It would not work. I used my cell phone to call the front desk and they told me I had to give them a check for $10.00 to make local calls, when I asked to speak to the manager they transfered my call to my own room. I never did get to speak with the manager.

Next, traveling a fair amount, I checked the bed lienens. To my amazment the comforter had dried urine on it. After going to the front desk to request clean bed linens, the evening housekeeper was removing the comforter and stated ," oh, these do smell bad." So they were filthy not just stained.

Janelle had ordered a bottel of Champaine to be delivered at precisely 5:30, it came well after 6:00 PM. She had talked to the Manager by this time, and all he said was he would have a tray delivered to the room. What kind of tray neither of us will ever know, because nothing was ever sent to the room.

Finalythe next morning we went to their swiming pool and spa room. Well, they were pretty nice except I had to point out to the Maintenance worker as well as the attenant, that on the south wall the therostat (1 0f 2) was hanging out of the wall with exposed wiring. Now with all of the children running around and playing this was scarry. Electricity and water with children does not mix, for a safe fun weekend.

And to sum it all up, the most we were offered was two free drink cupons( which I did not use) I decided to keep as a token of the evening.

Thus the stay was verry poor and I would not recommend staying there to anyone I know............ Dwight T Blumhorst

Des Moines Iowa

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