The room smelled like urine. A review of The Chesterfield Palm Beach

This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in and it was $400 a night. I stayed there on my honeymoon and all it gave us was some laughs at what a crap hole this hotel was. The rooms were awful and the smell uggh. Also the decor is so strange moneys and tigers painted on the wall. I will say the service was great, but that added to the comedy. They make it seem like it is a world class hotel, but it is the hotel from hell. Just stay away unless you are going for the shear fun of staying in pretentious palm beach in a $400 a night room that smells like a bath room. To the management either close down and remodel or lower your rates.

As for the individuals that gave this hotel good reviews. You are either delusional or you stayed there in 1968. Stay at the Breakers or do not go to palm beach at all.

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