The Reef is superb, rooms were over the top. A review of The Reef Atlantis

I just got back and was in awe of the new Reef.

I got a Harbor view close to the beach on the 9th floor.

It was stunning, the view of the beach was close enough

to hear the waves yet high enough to see the cruise ships coming and going, along with spectacular sunsets.

The room a "studio" had granite countertops with a sink,

refrigerator, microwave, small dishwasher, blender stovetop.

The bed and pullout couch were first rate, (my wife and 2 kids

had plenty of room)

The bathrooms could only be discribed as "wow".

double sinks in granite, a rain type shower with marble

a beautiful tub with artwork around the entire area and

frosted divides along with a flat screen TV.

The main room had a table for two, two chairs a pull out couch

a large flat screen TV, and a mini bar type of area with glasses

a toaster, Computer hookup etc.

The room even had a tray type ceiling and that looked like

it was about 10' high .

The service and security were wonderful, They made you feel

like a vip. (I guess that's because a number of sports and other personalities have bought condos at the Reef, [each unit is privately owned.])

The food at the Atlantis is not cheap, but the rooms and service

at the Reef are over the top. The drinks around the pools are

resonable $7.50 compared to the Cove's Cain pool which I heard were more expensive (I heard but could not validate this)

The beach in front of the Reef is beautiful, protected and uncrowded. I am returning for Easter.

If you don't mind not using the Cove's Cain pool, (which we

did not) The Reef is magnificent and better priced then the Cove. There is no comparison between the Royal/Coral towers

and the Reef/Cove area. It's like two seperate resorts both

wonderful, but the Reef/Cove area is special.

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