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We stayed for 6 nights at The Reef in a one bedroom deluxe ocean's the catch. Even though we were up on the 11th floor and did have an ocean view, you could never hear the ocean. They have generators on the rooftop of the Cove and their restaurant that continually make noise. We had to close our balconey doors at night to drown out the generator noise. It was such a ridiculous notion that you could spend $1500 a night to stay in such a great looking suite and end up with that. There were some general bugs to iron out but I turned out to be handy in that after 3 attempts to get staff to figure out why the washer/dryer combo unit was not working, I simply moved it away from the wall, plugged the unit in, and turned the water on myself. Also, housekeeping did not show up at all 3 of the days we stayed....I had to call them at 5:00 p.m. and then we had to shower while they were cleaning the room so that we could make our 6:00 dinner reservations. Good times. Also, be sure to carefully check your bill.....they tacked on 6 days of housekeeping fees even though I already paid that in the initial hotel booking price....double-dipping at its worst. This added on an additional $400.00 to our bill that we had management remove. Well, on a positive note, the staff directly at The Reef were very nice and tried to be accommodating. We stayed at The Royal Towers back in 1998 and vowed to never return after that treatment. Sol Kerzner group really trying to improve employees attitudes towards the tourists here. Staff was cheerful and smiling. Oh, one last thing. Dinner each night at the hotel's properties would run anywhere from $300.00 to $350.00. This is for a family of 2 adults/2 children. 1-2 appetizers, 4 entrees, 1-2 desserts and bottled water and maybe 1-2 glasses of wine. Pathetic. They have a trick in the restaurants when you order the bottled water-they don't ask you if you want another bottle. They continually come to your table and pour the bottle and then just open another and keep going. This would tack on another $20.00 to the bill. It became a joke to see how quick the waiter would come over to the table and top off the water glasses just so he could open another bottle. Keep on eye on that one!

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