THE OPENING KINKS ARE STILL HERE (Mar 2004)!!! A review of Hilton Americas - Houston

DON'T LET THE HILTON NAME FOOL YOU!!! THE OPENING KINKS ARE STILL HERE, AND THEN SOME!!!I stayed in the hotel for 3 nights at the end of March 2004, and I have never had a worse time staying at a hotel. 1. The beds were so soft that a 3 month old baby literally sank when placed on top of the mattress. The mattresses were either used or were of super-cheap quality. I ended up with such bad back pain, and I'm in good health without prior issues. I ended up sleeping on the floor for the final 2 nights. I've slept better on gravel (no joke!). 2. The water pressure is so weak in the showers that I could not wash my hair w/ the shower water. I had to turn the water to bath mode to get adequate water pressure.3. I specifically asked the front desk for a room away from the elevators, and was told point-blank that my request would be accomodated only to find out when I took the elevator up to my room that I had a location RIGHT NEXT to the elevator!4. The hotel charges you $12 for self-parking and $22 for valet parking. The hotel actually charges you MORE (not less) if you are a hotel customer. I parked at a lot away from the hotel (paying $5 per day), but on the day of check-out, the hotel tried to charge me $12 per day for parking (AND tried to tack on some taxes for the parking fee as well). The taxes would not have applied to a non-hotel customer. I had to tell the front desk that I did not use their parking structure to get the fee taken off.5. The thermostat did not work adequately, and the room was either too hot or too cold.6. In summary, this hotel tries to use its good location (next to the basketball/baseball stadiums, next to convention center) to get a McHilton mass-turnout and provide poor quality of beds/rooms and service.DON'T LET THE HILTON NAME FOOL YOU!!!

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