The only good thing is the location A review of Rott Hotel

On arrival at hotel rott, the receptionist had no record of either of our names, had never heard of expedia (which we'd use to purchase a package deal), and shrugged her shoulders at the printout of the entire itinerary we gave her (which included payment details, and all sorts of reservation codes and hotel id numbers). Obviously, this is not what you want after a 12 hour journey.

After it became obvious we weren't just going to go away, she spoke to her management and after some time of us waiting (while she gave us NO feedback as to what was going on), she handed us our room key. The nice bellboy took us up to a dingy room with 2 single beds at either end of the room.

We said we wanted a double/queen. He went back down to reception while we waited in room and came back and said they were full and that because there was "a problem with our reservation" (like that was our fault!) this was the only room available. We said "not good enough", got on the phone to recepionist, who then managed to find a room after much bargaining back and forth.

When we finally got our room it was average - nice view over the street (and a double bed!) however it did turn out to be extremely noisy in later nights as the revelling brits on cheap overnight deals were churned out of the bars into the street below. That's fine with us as we live in NYC and are used to street noise - but it is enough to keep you awake all night so be warned.

Other indications of hotel incompetence were not understanding what a "wake-up call" is, but taking one anyway and of course not actually calling to wake us up. No coffee before 7am is a BAD THING if you're jetlagged and awake at all sorts of hours. The hotel also smells a but musty - fine if you've got a good rate but don't go there if you're paying anything over USD140ish a night. You certainly don't get the historic architecture you hope for in an old building...

One other good think I can think of is the underfloor heating in the bathroom. As i said, I would not recommend this place unless you got a really cheap deal (our deal was just average) and be warned that they probably won't even have your reservation when you get there!

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